Random Codes

AOL Locate-Me Code (not AIM)

Am I online?
<A HREF="aol://3548:NAME"> TEXT HERE</a>

AOL IM-Me Code (not AIM)

Try IMing me!
<A HREF="aol://9293:NAME"> TEXT HERE</a>

AOL Chat Link (not AIM)

Come to a Chat!
<a href="aol://2719:2-2-NAME/"> TEXT HERE</a>

HTML on AOL Profiles

< font . face="font name here"> < font . ptsize=#> < p . align=center,left,or right> < a . href="aol://3548:NAME">Locate Me< /a .> < a . href="aol://9293:NAME">IM Me< /a .> < a . href="URLHERE">text< /a .> < font . color=#000000> < body . bgcolor=#000000> **for the last 2, change #000000 to a hex code
remember, dont delete the . or spaces

Option Buttons W/Pop-Ups

Do you like my page?
Yes. No.
<form>OPTION1 <input type="radio" onClick="alert('TEXT')"> OPTION2 <input type="radio" onClick="alert('TEXT')">

Bulleted Lists

  • Make a list
  • Make a list
  • Make a list
  • Make a list
  • <li>TEXT<li>TEXT <li>TEXT<li>TEXT


    <table border=2 bordercolor=blue cellspacing=0><tr><td> <applet codebase=http://www.ClockBot.com/ code=clockbot.Clock width=125 height=25> <param name=bgColor value="#FFFFFF"> <param name=fgColor value="#9966FF"> <param name=shadowColor value="#FFFFFF"> <param name=fontName value="arial"> <param name=fontSize value="20"> <param name=xoff value="2"> <param name=yoff value="2"> <param name=xstart value="10"> <param name=ystart value="21"> <param name=rot value="0"> <param name=msleep value="300"> </applet></table>

    Background Changer

    <form name="BackgroundColor" method="post"> <input type="button" OnClick="document.bgColor='HEX CODE'; "value="TEXT HERE"> <input type="button" OnClick="document.bgColor='HEX CODE'; "value="TEXT HERE"> <input type="button" OnClick="document.bgColor='HEX CODE'; "value="TEXT HERE"></form>
    Hex codes can be found here

    Flashy Background Changer

    put your mouse here
    <a href="index.htm" onmouseover="document.bgColor='aqua'; document.bgColor='yellow'; document.bgColor='orange'; document.bgColor='skyblue'; document.bgColor='coral'; document.bgColor='lightgreen'; document.bgColor='white'; document.bgColor='blueviolet'; document.bgColor='skyblue'; document.bgColor='hotpink'; document.bgColor='black'; document.bgColor='white'> TEXT GOES HERE</a>

    Change The Title

    dont like
    my title?
    <a href="index.htm" onMouseOver="var title= prompt('TEXT'); document.title=title">LINK TEXT</a>
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