Wait...huh?? What's HTML for?

So... you have NO idea what any of this so-called "HTML" does? You don't have any idea how people make a website, or where you get them, or what you do with your website? Here's a little basic guide to get you started in the right direction:

1. Pick your website provider

There are many servers on the web that allow you to build sites on them, and they vary in difficulty. Here are some of the most popular ones, with comments that might help you choose which one to start your website on:

2. Sign up for your website.

On basically all servers, except Expage, they give you a simple form to fill out, asking your name, email address, age, etc. You usually have to send a confirmation through email. This whole process usually takes about 10 minutes, then you're all signed up and ready to start your website.

3. Start on your website

Log into your site by going to the server site (angelfire.com, tripod.com, etc) and enter in your name and password you picked. On all servers except expage, your main page is named index.html. Click the "edit" button, and it should take you to the editing page. Follow the directions, and try typing in the place where it tells you to. Save it, and view it to make sure you can see the stuff you typed. (If you're on expage, just click the middle section and try typing, then save it.) Now, you know where to type the text you want on your page.

4. Make the base of your site.

On everything EXCEPT expage, you should put the following codes. Some advanced HTML codes require you to put them in different sections of the site, which are designated by these codes. For example, a site might tell you to put an HTML code in the head section, which you would need these codes for. They aren't neccessary, but here is the order of the sections of your site if you want to put it on:

<html> <head> <BASE HREF="http://www.funky-chickens.com/begin.shtml"> </head> <title>TITLE GOES HERE</title> <body>EVERYTHING ON YOUR SITE GOES HERE... HTML CODES, TEXT </body> </html>

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